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by Tim

The second chapter in the Walking Dead gaming franchise has hit – is it as good as the first?  Or will it die a quick death? 

Telltale Games delivered one hell of a game with the first installment earlier this year; it had humor, it had suspense, it had idiotic characters… but more importantly – it was highly entertaining.  The Walking Dead games are very much like a perfect mixture of “choose your own adventure” books (I know you remember those amazing books from the 1980’s) and the retro PC game Oregon Trail.  Each decision you make throughout the game will reflect in future gameplay – whether its in this game or another one in the franchise.  Some may be as subtle as someone not trusting you in the future, but some will cause major damage to the game such as deciding who shall live and who shall die.  Although it isn’t necessary to start with episode one to understand the story and gameplay, it is recommended so you can get the full experience. 

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 ‘Starved for Help’ starts off almost exactly where the first game left off – residing at an abandoned hotel that is barricaded from the outside world and the “walking dead”.  Unfortunately your food source is slim and about to run out.  Shortly after the game starts a couple men appear in front of your man made barricade to offer an exchange – gas for food at their dairy farm.  It’s a hard decision to make, but the group votes and a unanimous decision sends you and a handful of your friends to the strange dairy farm ran by a seemingly friendly family.  Is it too good to be true?  Or have you found a new group of people that are willing to help you survive this holocaust of humans?

I don’t want to give anything away, but episode two is a lot better than episode one… and I really liked episode one.  This installment had more story and better characters.  And even though there were fewer zombies, this game had a lot of unexpected surprises up its sleeve.  The length of gameplay is still short, running at around two and a half hours – this game is still definitely worth your time and money.