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by Tim

     The first and second Toy Story movies are movies that I hold near and dear to my heart, the first one came out when I was fifteen – and I still enjoy it with the same enthusiasm now that I’m thirty.  Both of the first Toy Story movies are timeless classics that will never lose their charm no matter when or where you watch them – so of cours I had bitter sweet emotions as they announced the arrival of Toy Story 3.  I’d still be first in line on the opening day to see it, but is Pixar really that talented enough to pull off three incredible movies about this lovable crew of toys?  Of course all my doubts were easily erased within seconds – and Toy Story 3 rose to the top as one of Pixar’s biggest and best movies of all time.      

Right off the bat Toy Story 3 will take you on an emotional rollercoaster – a rollercoaster ride that has no height or age limit.  This movie has something for everyone, the kids will absolutely love it because of the perfect ensemble of characters and voice-actors, and adults will love it because of the entertaining, dramatic, and even semi-complex storyline that is seldom seen in an animated feature.      

I’ve known a few friends of mine that will not see a Pixar movie because they’re not like Shrek or anything else Dreamworks has fed us over the years.  True, I even feel Toy Story 3 is more of a drama than an actual comedy – so yes, in a way I can agree with them.  Shrek may be more humorous than some of the Pixar movies, but Pixar gives us quality – the quality that we adults expect to see in our movies.  Dreamworks draws a line and intentionally goes over that line with a lot of nonsense that they know will get laughs, but at what cost?  A lot of times it’s just pop culture that is funny now, but I guarantee the future audience will find more enjoyment out of a Pixar movie because they don’t draw their jokes or humor off of a Starbucks or Paris Hilton reference.  Pixar has always given us Oscar worthy films in animated form, something no other animation studio has been able to deliver.  I really do enjoy the Shrek movies, but I’d rather have an interesting story with mildly humorous events than an orgy of Starbucks and Paris Hilton jokes any day.      

Toy Story 3 has the perfect story that we can all relate to – young and old.  And you may even find yourself with a tear coming down your cheek near the end of the movie. One of the best animated movies I’ve seen in years, and one of the best movies of 2010.