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by Tim

Hollywood has done it again, made a movie based on another media that has little or no similarities. Maybe they think that if they produce a carbon copy that people wouldn’t want to see it? Wrong, if it was made exactly like it was supposed to I would be talking about the greatest animated movie of all time, but instead I have to review an average Superman animated movie.

Superman: Doomsday is the most daring animated movie that DC Comics has ever done. Intense action sequences that definitely deserve the first PG-13 rating for a Superman animated cartoon or movie. The fight sequences were choreographed incredibly well, too bad the fight between Kal-El and Doomsday is cut short.

But action doesn’t make a movie, the story is the most important factor in any movie. Someone not knowing the full story behind the death of Superman may really enjoy this movie, and I do recommend it for beginners. But the true fans of Superman will see right through the plot and will be able to easily point out flaw after flaw. Which include character, time-line, and story flaws. In the beginning of the movie it shows Superman and Lois in bed, Lois has no idea that Superman is in fact Clark Kent. But if they would have followed the correct story they would have realized that Lois was in fact engaged to Clark without knowing he was Superman until Action Comics #662, which is before the Doomsday saga. More story flaws include; The finding of Doomsday is done completely wrong, the movie shows Lex Luthor discovering the monster ... instead of having Doomsday just appear like in the comics. They also kept out key characters such as Steel, Superboy, the cyborg Superman, and Justice League America. The use of the Justice League would have been very impressive to see, because it would have shown how unstoppable Doomsday really was, tearing through each hero like they were a piece of paper. And the final fight sequence should have been with the cyborg Superman instead of the cloned Superman.

Where was Jonathan Kent during all of this? A lot of people assume he’s dead because of what happens in the first movie, and what happens to the Golden and Silver Age Kent family. But in 1986 John Byrne rewrote Superman’s origin and decided to keep Jonathan and Martha Kent alive instead of killing them off. Jonathan Kent had a major role in the return of Superman.

Let’s discuss the characters. Some of the characters were ... well, a little odd looking. Superman’s cheekbones were drawn like I’ve never seen them before... you’re just going to have to see them for yourself. And Lex Luthor looked as if he hasn’t eaten in years. And since when does Jimmy Olson wear an earring? Most of the acting was well done, but some seemed a little dry and almost like they had no emotion - especially Lois Lane done by Ms. Anne Heche. But I did like Adam Baldwin’s spin on Superman/Clark Kent.

Ok, enough of the negativity. There were things that I actually liked. Like I said in the beginning, I really enjoyed the action that this movie has to offer, and most of the animation was excellent. The torn cape homage that they showed for a split second was greatly appreciated, and brought a little shiver down my spine. The Kevin Smith cameo brought laughter to the movie, but only people who know the story behind his line would find this humorous - so let me explain. In 1997, Kevin Smith was to write the next Superman movie script, known as "Superman Reborn". Kevin wrote his script based on the Death of Superman. The producer of the film, Jon Peters, didn’t approve of Smith’s script and told him: "Superman could not be seen flying, Superman would not wear his classic blue and red costume, and the third act was to have a fight involving a giant robotic spider". Of course, to save us all from watching that garbage, the movie was canned and the robotic spider was never seen ... until now! So it was great to see them throw this piece of humor into the film.

Like I say in most of my Superman reviews, I’m really critical most of the time because I’m such a big fan of the franchise. It was enjoyable to a certain point, only if you can get over the true storyline, which really needed three movies to do it justice: The Death, Funeral, and Reign of Superman, then it’s fun to watch for the great action between Doomsday and Superman.