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by Tim

Nearly everyone out there remembers the Smurfs – one way or another most of the population has heard of those cute blue miniature creatures who lived in an enchanted forest.  But – has everyone heard of the Snorks?        

Running off of their success of Smurfs, Hanna-Barbera brought us Snorks on September 15, 1984.  The similarities to the Smurfs are uncanny to say the least, but it has just enough unique qualities to make it work.   Smurfs were a group of mystical blue forest-dwelling creatures – but Snorks were a group of small multi-colored underwater creatures that were more defined by their skin color than their personality traits.  Along with their skin color – the Snorks were all characterized by their voices; Michael Bell (Allstar Seaworthy) and Frank Welker were at the helm of this A-list cast of voice-actors.       

The storylines were very similar to something you would see a Smurf go through, in fact most of the plots seemed like watered down Smurf stories… no pun intended.  But it all seemed forgivable for some reason – maybe it’s because of pure nostalgic reasons, or the fact that I kinda like the Snorks a little bit more than the Smurfs (I like rooting for the underdogs).  Regardless of the reasons, each episode had a morally uplifting message that can appeal to any viewer regardless of their age.       

The DVD transfer was underwhelming.  This set is cursed with random black and white specks that don’t cause too much of a distraction most of the time, but can still create an annoyance here and there.  But hey, at least it was released on DVD, a lot of cartoons from the 70’s and 80’s don’t even have that.        

Although Snorks didn’t have the longevity that the Smurfs had – I still look back at this period with fond memories.  I was glad this opportunity came up to review this great DVD set.  But you know, although the Snorks may not be as memorable as the Smurfs, at least there won’t be a big Hollywood live-action movie based on them… that’s always a plus.      

Make sure to go and check out this complete season collection of the Snorks.  Running time is 286 minutes, that’s 286 minutes of pure Snork-arific adventure.