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3.5 out of 5

by Gary

“Newtralized!” is the 17th episode of season two and the 43rd episode overall. The episode opens to Raphael and Casey Jones chasing after the Kraang who have just recently stolen several cases of plutonium. After Casey slows Raphael down by making a fire escape collapse they turn the corner to see that someone or something has destroyed the whole group of Kraang bots and stolen the plutonium for themselves! After returning to the sewers to talk with the other three turtles, all four of the turtles and Casey spread out throughout the city to try and locate these mystery attackers. After some searching, the four turtles find out that Slash and Newtralizer have teamed up to take out the Kraang! Raphael is also concerned about Casey’s ability to take on larger and more dangerous mutants which forces Casey to storm off and leave the four brothers. Through some spying the turtles find out that the Kraang are about to have a huge and dangerous weapon transported from Dimension X but can they get to the docks and stop the Kraang before Slash and Newtralizer hi-jack this dangerous weapon?

My thoughts

This was a pretty enjoyable episode, although very little happened. I was honestly a little disappointed in Newtralizer, who is a character that I’ve been looking forward to coming back ever since his first episode in season one. Newtralizer was given a voice this time around (Danny Trejo) but still very little is known about him. He has a huge grudge against the Kraang and he wants to destroy them regardless of who else gets hurt in the process which makes him a pretty dangerous villain.

The return of Slash (Corey Feldman) was a nice touch, and this episode shows that he doesn’t totally want to be the villain that he has been set up to be but his anger towards the turtles still gets the better of him. His partnership with Newtralizer seems like a great pairing, but Slash proves that he’s not completely heartless when Newtralizer wants to set off a bomb that will take out the Kraang but might also hurt some humans. Fortunately the turtles stop this before anyone gets seriously hurt.

This episode showed some great development with Raphael’s character. Raph has always been the big hot head of the group, but in this one Casey takes on that role and Raphael has to assume Leonardo’s role by trying to plan out an attack rather than just charging in.

This episode ends with the turtles gaining a new ally and making an extremely powerful enemy. It was certainly an action packed episode but there was something slightly missing with the progression in this one and it felt a little bit rushed or ill-conceived to me. Still, very much worth a watch!