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 This movie was glorious. Something you will come to learn about me is that I am easy, it doesn’t take a great movie to impress me, but something else you will come to learn is that I am a huge nerd, and I can understand and appreciate a good comic movie like not many other people out there. Even if they are terrible, I can usually find something well done in them. This movie had everything one could love in both a Superhero movie, and a drama piece. It felt like a combination of the Odyssey, and a Wolverine comic.

First of all, the movie is truly R rated. Do not take your children or anyone with a weak stomach. It has lots of gore, one scene of brief nudity, and LOTS of language. Fortunately, it does not at all feel gratuitous in the film, with the exception of the nudity. Wolverine is a character with which violence is almost required for him to be portrayed well. I’m not saying the PG-13 Wolverine adaptations of the past were not excellent and done very tastefully, but a man whose entire character is based upon his ability to get torn apart and heal from any grisly injury, and then rip apart any and all opposition with knives that come out of his hands, is a lot easier and more faithful to do if the character can slice off some enemy appendages. Which happens, a lot. Very gory, but it feels a lot like Wolverine because of it.

The music was spectacular. The composer, Marco Beltrami, tried to do a minimalist style of music for the film, and every single scene feels beautifully accented by the music that accompanies it. It is very quiet in the background, but any scene where the music is heard, its effects are felt. It moves you, and keeps you on the edge of your seat at the same time. Excellent score, worth listening to on its own.

The acting in the movie was amazing. The cast was not enormous, it had a handful of primary characters, and occasionally scenes with lots of extras, but the main characters we focus on, Professor X, Logan, and a young girl named Laura, are all top notch actors. We expect nothing less of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Logan, and Patrick Stewarts portrayal of Xavier, but this film took these roles, both of which are almost two decades old, and bring new depth and reality to the characters. This review is spoiler free, but the events leading up to the film have grounded these two in very dramatic and often painful ways. Dafne Keene and her portrayal of Laura cannot be oversold. Her character has very few lines, mostly shouting and grunting, but she keeps it real, especially considering who she is sharing the screen with. Whenever she does speak, her emotions can be felt and seen very well, especially for a child actor. This film does wonders for showing us just how much an old role can improve, and how much a new actor can bring to the table.

The storytelling of this movie is spectacular. The pacing felt very natural and smooth, with events organically leading into one another, a dramatic story of an epic journey sprinkled with beautiful moments of happiness, incredible moments of violent awesome combat, and plenty of harrowing moments of sadness. Never did I feel bored or like the movie was slow, and I always felt the warmth of the emotion of the scenes put on screen.

This review felt a little lacking in story content, but that’s because I want you to know that everything they try to do they do well! And you should go experience the story for yourself! I have already seen it twice and I intend to see it a third time. It was beautifully done in every way, and I give it a glowing recommendation.


Deign Allred