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by Tim

     Everyone favorite pink hero is back – and finally on the Nintendo Wii!  He returns in Kirby’s Epic Yarn… a title I’ve been anxiously waiting for since it was announced some time ago.  Will Kirby’s first platform game since the Nintendo 64 era live up to the hype? 

     You just can’t go wrong with Kirby, the adorable pink sucking blob is appealing to everyone from kids to senior citizens… and each game he’s blessed us with has been just as appealing as the character himself.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn is no different; it is a true masterpiece and an art form in itself.  

     Now, the average hardcore gamer could get lost in the marvelously rendered levels… the cutesy tones and atmosphere may look childish to them, but I assure you this game has something for everyone.  

     The first thing I noticed while playing the game was the graphics and the mechanics they used in each and every level – the yarn, buttons and fabric they used to map each level is simply genius.  I can’t remember the last time I got hypnotized by level design in a game, and the use of zippers, pull strings or buttons that you use to reach certain areas is just remarkable.  For instance, is there a big gap between Kirby and the next ledge?  That’s easy, just use your yarn to zip the ledge closer to you… it’s simply genius. 

       The story is very “Nintendo”… it’s the average storyline that Nintendo dishes out with their action/adventure side-scrollers.  So that won’t be the big selling point for this game.  The characters are all enjoyable and loveable in their own way, and the boss fights are all fun… but can be finished with no sweat forming on Kirby’s brow.  In fact, the entire game is a breeze.  Very much like a Sonic The Hedgehog game… Kirby is encouraged to collect miscellaneous items that pop out of each villain he conquers, but unlike Sonic you won’t find yourself dying if you run out of coins/buttons.  In fact, there is no penalty if you die at all… you just continue on with the game.  This could be a big negative feature for some people, but I thought it was very fitting for this particular game.  Especially since children seem to love Kirby, this could be a game for them to enjoy because of the simplistic gameplay.

     Kirby’s Epic Yarn may have a few hardcore gamers running, but it found a place in this gamer’s heart.