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Joe Alaskey was an actor, voice artist, and comedian.

Alaskey was credited as one of Mel Blanc's successors at the Warner Bros. Animation studio until his death on February 3, 2016. He alternated with Jeff Bergman in voicing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety, and other characters from Warner Bros. cartoons, such as Plucky Duck on Tiny Toon Adventures from 1990–95. Alaskey was the second actor to voice Grandpa Lou Pickles on Rugrats (inheriting the role after David Doyle's death in 1997). He voiced Lou again in the Rugrats spin-off series All Grown Up!. and all three films. He also voiced Stinkie in Casper, as well as the film's 1996 animated spin-off The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper.

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