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It seems that every month there is a new comic book based movie coming out. Everyone wants to see their favorite superhero on the big screen. When Deadpool first appeared in Wolverine Origins back in 2009 most fans hearts skipped a beat thinking it was now their turn to see the hero they wanted on film, however only moments after Ryan Reynolds stepped onto the screen those same hearts begin to sink. Lucky for us, Deadpool has this amazing power to heal and that is just what he did. 

This is not your typical super hero story; in fact this is not your typical story at all. Unlike the horrible portray of Wade Wilson back in ’09 this Deadpool works. The reason is simple and I give you two words: Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds owns this role and I feel it is because he had to redeem himself after the last incarnation of the merc with a mouth and his little incident with the green power ring we won’t bring up. From the start of the movie we are introduced to the comic book version of Deadpool, a deadly assassin who does not know how to shut up. Throughout the entire movie we hear subtle jokes, one liners, put downs and tons of 4th wall breaking movie references that only Deadpool could get away with. Typically when you are looking at this type of character, someone who is never really serious and always toeing the line on being annoying, people tend to lose interest or focus. This is not the case here as the majority of these off the wall jokes deliver. 

We get a look into the everyday life of a semi-hero as we watch Deadpool do his laundry, take a cab and even put together furniture with his roommate. Because we are thrown into this strange life with him it gives us more opportunity to see the comedy in the everyday life of these hero-types. The movie does a fantastic job of pulling you in and letting you forget that you are watching a Marvel movie. 

You of course have your typical fight scenes and bad guy throw downs however Deadpool gives you time to process it all as it is going down with the camera freezing and occasional monologue break during the fight scenes. 

When it comes to the plot of the movie that is the one place the writers played it safe. It is your typical “guy falls in love, guy has horrible thing happen to him, guy turns into a mutant and can’t talk to girl anymore” that old chestnut. It does follow a simple three act structure that really works in these types of movies and the writing definitely delivers. With the hero being driven by revenge and the love of a woman, it is hard to go wrong. The only hang up with the movie at this point is the lack of backstory and information we get in regards to Ajax the villain. He is sort of thrown into the story and we never really feel like we know him which does not give us the opportunity to hate him. 

The two X-men that are featured in the movie open a door for Deadpool to enter into a larger universe and possibly give him a little more structure instead of being a standalone character. With the announcement of Deadpool 2 and Cable entering into the universe, the possibilities are endless. 

Overall this is the movie that most fans (can’t win them all) wanted and deserved. Deadpool has a large fan base that is now growing larger than ever. The future of Mr. Pool is looking very bright and bloody. 

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