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When Darkwing Duck went off the air back in December of 1992 at the end of it’s third season, it left a lot of fans hoping for more. For almost 20 years fans continued to wait and some even gave up on hope that Darkwing would ever make his return. Then there was BOOM! Studios! In 2011 the masked mallard returned to media in the form of a new comic book brought to us by Aaron Sparrow, James Silvani and a host of other talented individuals. Darkwing returned for several memorable storylines including The Duck Knight Returns, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, F.O.W.L. Disposition and several one-shot stories before fading away again before anyone was ready to say goodbye. After his disappearance at BOOM! Studios rumors started swirling almost instantly that our hero wasn’t quite finished. Finally, five years after the end of the series Darkwing has returned for more adventures and this reviewer could not be happier to have him back!

Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani are back with a new studio (the new, but impressive Joe Books LTD) to throw more adventures at DW and this one starts off with a bang! “Orange is the New Purple” opens with as much action as one would hope for from an action based series but within the word balloons are so much comedy that you feel like you’re still watching the original series unfold before you. All of our favorite heroes return and we get a fair amount of time with Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn, Honker and the rest of the Muddlefoots! In addition to this, I won’t give too much detail about the storyline because I don’t want to risk any spoilers but something happens in this book that’s going to give us the opportunity to see a huge amount of DW’s Rogues Gallery as well!

Upon opening my issue for the very first time my eyes were alive with the details of Silvani’s art mixed with some of the most beautiful colors (Andrew Dalhouse) I’ve ever seen in a book! The interesting take from this book is that it feels connected to the Boom! Series but at the same time it feels like its own creation! Whereas things felt more muted and bleak in the Boom! storyline this is much more colorful and vibrant. The comparisons between this current spin with the character and the original animated series feels to me to be the truest take on the character in any printed media to date. Darkwing has had a very checkered past with comic books. Sure he appeared in the pages of Disney Adventures and he also had his own four issue comic run in the 90’s as well as several other Disney Afternoon related properties but I never truly quite felt that particular blend of timing, comedy and action that the original series contained in any of these previous stories. I always felt that they got close with the Boom series but there was always something that felt slightly disconnected to me. I’m happy to report that this new series feels fresh, unique and wonderful! Much like the original show. Reading this book actually does make me feel like a kid again and isn’t that the absolute best that we can hope for with a property like this?

Full disclosure: I’m not the most critical of comic book readers but I struggle to see how anyone could find something negative about this issue. It’s a great return for Darkwing and the gang and it’s setting up for everything we could ever want in a Darkwing story. I know that James, Aaron, Joe Books Ltd and everyone else involved are going to bring us not only what we want as Darkwing Duck fans, but what we deserve! I hope that this Darkwing is here for the longhaul. If anyone knows how to take DW along for many more exciting adventures I think Sparrow and Silvani are those guys! I’m looking forward to the future for our hero and I hope that this new series goes on for many years to come! Let’s get Dangerous!

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