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3 out of 5

by Tim

The original Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic, and unfortunately Disney sequels never live up to expectation – is The Enchanted Christmas doomed from the start?  Or will it be one of the first good animated Disney sequels?     

In Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas we watch as Mrs. Potts tells us a story of how Christmas in the kingdom was almost ruined by the evil former court composer Forte.  First off, the animation was actually fairly good for being a sequel.  The backgrounds looked amazing – almost as if it were meant to be featured in theaters.  And the Blu-ray transfer was sharp and crisp – the colors stood out more than ever.      

The original voice talent all return once again to play their memorable parts.  Paige O’Hara is back as Belle – although I feel her singing voice wasn’t as solid as the original.  Or it could be the fact that the songs weren’t as thoughtful, creative or catchy.  Tim Curry does an astounding job as the villain (Forte) in this particular Beauty and the Beast storyline.  Tim’s voice is always extraordinary regardless of what role he is playing – I would pay to watch him in a McDonalds commercial.      

The story is somewhat strong, in fact I feel it is one of the stronger storylines to be featured in a Disney sequel.  All of the fun-loving characters are back, but I do think they introduced us to one too many characters in this enchanted kingdom.  And I’ll say the same thing about Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World – there are way too many characters being introduced here... it went a little overboard.  The original had its share of unique characters, sure there was an overabundance of characters when it came to the song sequences, but they were only limited to those specific scenes – not throughout the entire piece.      

The Bottom Line: I think the main drawback to this film is the fact that it’s just another sequel – a spinoff of a classic tale that should have ended with the original film.  The acting is spectacular in this movie – it was amazing that the entire cast returned to voice the same characters – but nothing can ever replace the original.  All that considered, it’s still a solid release.