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If you are a Batman fan and have not read Alan Moore’s: The Killing Joke, then I have news for you, you are not a Batman fan. This is arguably one of Alan Moore’s finest works and gives us a closer look into the mind of the clown prince himself, The Joker. It is also one of the greatest batman works ever written so your time will not be wasted on this read. 

The art that Brian Bolland lays down flows perfectly from panel to panel and still holds up to this day. He creates a world where no detail is left un-penciled. Every face is bursting with emotion and pulls you in to give you a kernel of an idea as to what that character is feeling. 

The origin story of the Joker is a hard subject to tackle as one of Jokers greatest characteristics is the unknown. However when Alan Moore sits down and puts pen to paper the story we receive reveals a backstory of Joker while still giving us some mystery. The book reads so easily even though we jump from past to present so often.

This is not just another Batman story, neither is it just a Joker story, it is a story of human will. The super villain has one goal in mind; prove that no matter who the man is, we call all go a little insane if enough bad stuff happens. He sets his eyes on the commissioner and puts him through the ringer. This is the darkest we have ever seen the Joker since his first appearance in Batman #1 back in 1940 (so he ages well). The things he puts James Gordon through is enough to drive anyone mad, but does he complete his task? No spoilers here, you will have to go read it yourself and find out! 

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